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GET superb market insights followed by Astro- Finance method

Live chart grants you access 24/7 to view recent projection updates either  to enjoy from supreme market insights.






For example: John is interested to join live chart on march 12th,  and because John aware that link  will expire on April 30th, to enjoy from discount for current station  John decided to order an extension for next station (expire by August 30th) thus will pay: 2 months proportionate of current station + 4 months for next station until August 30th. 
In other words, full 4 months access ideally taken as “extension” in this case you can pay proportionate amount for current station. 

* Witness how market follows astro- forecast line.

* Access chart instantly to see any update (price & timing)

Every link expires 4 months a year:


  • April 30th

  • August 31st

  • December 31st


More examples: 

Bob is interested to enroll OIL LIVE CHART on July 30th, and since upcoming station to expire on August 31st, instead of paying 4 months value  for 1 month, Bob decided to to pay value of 5 months: proportionate value of current station + 4 moths of next station.  (Bob will get a new link on August).


Another example:

Elena is interested to join on S&P500 LIVE CHART  February 1st, and since current live chart ends on April 30th, Elena decided to take extension until August 30th thus ordering 7 months ahead (proportionate 3 months of current station + 4 months value of next station). 



40 seats available to each link (station)! 

Once order placed correctly, I’ll send you access via email.

Possible to oder via external APP

Premium Benefits for Members

Access all weekly videos (crypto & commodities)

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