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Track & Analyze Real Time with LIVE CHARTS 

Get access to Osher’s “tradingview” platform and enjoy from superior indictor to plan until 6 months ahead. (most osher’s predictions including geopolitics are based on these charts)

Live charts links grants 24/7 access. Track anytime how and where market compare to astro-finance “general line

general line” to illustrate weekly chart dynamic. 

✹ Each live chart lives maximum 4 months; and will strictly expire following dates. ⇥ Dec 31st, April 30th, August 31st

ൽ For example: you decided to oder February 30th, but live chart to expire April 30th (same price).   Alternatively, to pay proportionate amount of 2 months – you should purchase next 4 months period (until August 30th)


Limited seats to each "Live chart"

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