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Live Charts 24/7 offers the ultimate financial market forecasting package to help you stay ahead of the game.

Osher’s “tradingview” platform provides unprecedented access to predictive analytics and astro-finance method to give you a market edge that others can only dream of.

Trust Live Charts 24/7 to offer you a nimble advantage that puts you on the winning side of the market.

To get started, grant access to Osher’s “tradingview” platform and enjoy accurate price and momentum predictions from 4-months ahead of April 30, August 30, and December 31.

Once you sign up, you get a 6-months glimpse into the future from the date of publish – Jan1, May1, and September 1.

Sign up now and stay ahead of the curve with Live Charts 24/7!

👉🏻 Once order completed, you can download PDF with instant access 



Live charts expire every 4 months:

✶ December 31st  

✶ April 30th

✶ August 30th

⇢ It is important to understand that using Osher’s Tradingview platform to view astro-finance predictions is not intended to be taken as financial advice.

The astro-finance predictions are to be used as just one tool among many when evaluating investment opportunities.

It is important to also consider other financial indicators such as earnings reports, macroeconomic data, market sentiment, and technical analysis when making decisions.

It is important to view astro-finance predictions as an interesting, additional data point and not the only factor influencing investment decisions.


Regularly visiting the live charts is an important part of taking advantage of astro-finance methods. 

Visiting the charts allows you to get a better insight into how the market is reacting to the predictions, and to check if any updates have been applied without relying on a notification service.

Staying up-to-date and informed can give you a great advantage in your forecasting.

If you are looking to gain more market insight, buying more than one access to a live chart may be a beneficial action to take. Analyzing multiple charts can help investors have a better understanding of the market, as well as view correlations between different asset classes.

Aside from looking at live charts, the astro-finance method developed by Osher is an innovative way to analyze the properties of a particular asset. This method uses a combination of financial indicators and astrological principles to help generate a unique view of the market, giving investors an alternative to traditional financial analysis.

In conclusion, investing in more than one access to live chart and utilizing the astro-finance method developed by Osher can help investors gain more market insight. Ultimately, this can lead to more effective investing decisions and improved performance. 


    1. If joined live chart February 30th,
      Despite live chart will expire access by April 30th (same price) still able to see the “astro- forecast” until June(because recent new 6 months ahead forecast published January 1st)

    2. You joined live chart May 5th:
      Despite all live chart will expire August 31st (same price). still able to see the “astro-forecast” until November (because recent new 6 months ahead forecast published May 1st)

    3. You joined live chart October 20: 
      Despite all live charts will expire December 31st (same price). still able to see the “astro forecast” until following March  (because recent new 6 months ahead forecast published September 1st) 

✶  If joined in APRIL, AUGUST or DECEMBER, Due are months of expiry: 
Access to new chart (4 month access) will be sent to you as published (forecast of 6 month ahead)


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