Full Reading Session 90 minutes

$212.00  /  0.01947 Ƀ

Full chart reading lasts 90 minutes via “zoom”.

Unveil upcoming opportunities and challenges written in your destiny to get prepared best as possible!


Beyond to finance!

I’m professional life coach !
Despite of being popular astrologer to financial topics reading people natal charts is essential and you can get lots of important insights about current life events, your life direction, love, home, career and more.


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It’s all about timing!!

Astrology is an ultimate clock guiding us when to push when to rest, when to take career forward and  when to retire; when to focus on love and when on health, ext.

As developer of Astro-Finance, I could also guide you through financial cycles (money flow energetically wise): when to avoid risks and when to expect nice gains.


Reading your chart will help you to navigate (understand) any complicated situation, realizing good and bad timings to make a change also how to use your potential correctly to achieve growth and satisfaction.

I also will suggest alternatives that may lead you to more harmonious circumstances experienced as luck!
(In case you’re not sure about exact time of your birth, provide estimated time could, thus later in session I may detect your rising sign to read it correctly)

How to proceed?!

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  • 2. Fill the contact form providing date of birth data
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