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Get most insights 24/7 how astrology and technical analysis are get updated.
You can either see how market to grow on top Osher’s price projection line. 

This add-on service to “6 months ahead prediction” allow you to stay updated even “unexpected” move occurs and directly to understand where next support and resistance before updated price projection came out.   

Whether you have purchased S&P500 calendar or not; You can enroll to this supper premium service and to view live my S&P500 chart.

* Price $74 / month (charged 4 months in advanced)

* Get link to my S&P500live chart on “Tradingview . com” platform

What updates include?

Capture any move/ update Osher does from time to time to nail price projection covering until end of period since time projection originally created.  *6 months ahead Price projection are generated twice a year:  January&  July

Easier to read and follow!

You can View current price growing on top of my original line projection.

“view live char Subscription” Strict periods:

In order to manage efficiently all subscribers to each chart I charge 4 months advanced (or proportional until expiration dates ;

* March 31st

* August 31st

* December 31st

How to calculate subscription price?

 1) If you  enroll on February 15th, due to closest expiry date is on March 31st, you will be charge according $74 for March and $37 for half of February (in total $111)

2) If you enroll on November 1st, due to closest expiry date is on December 31st, you will be charge according $74/ month for 2 months, in total $148

* Note: Price calculation is rounded for 2 week sections (not daily) base (Before or After 15th of each month)

Example ; if you enroll on January 13th you should be charged until next expiry date that is March 31st; because you enroll before the 15th of the month you should pay entire month of January; but if you enroll between January 15-30th you will be charged Half month of $37 for January + 2 months ahead.   


In order to enroll to ” View Osher’s chart S&P500 updates 24/7″ subscription, follow next steps:

  1. Verify price:

    • Do payment according to period measured until upcoming expiration date as mentioned above.