Live charts; View Price & Timing dynamic 24/7

Get link to my tradingview server and watch all you need:

* Watch how market follows my astro- line.

* Watch first any update to nail price & timing


By subscribing to “live chart” you gain peace of mind and lots of market insight by watching the coming waves and momentum being ready to close / open positions before the peak.

 $74 / month

Strict expiry dates:

Every “shared link” valid for 4 months and strictly expired in following dates:

  • April 30th

  • August 31st

  • December 31st

How far ahead prediction?


I’m creating “6 months ahead prediction” twice a year: January & July.

Through enrolling to “live chart” you can gain lots of market-insight by viewing how market moves according to my indications, also to see any update to cover until end of prediction period: January or July. meantime your link to live-chart is valid.


For example;

You decide to enroll S&P500 live chart  on March.

The link you get to S&P500 live chart will be expired by April 30th, until then you can see market forecast and updates until July 1st.


How to calculate live-chart-membership?



* Price calculation is rounded for 2 week sections (not daily): Before and After 15th of every month)

If enrolled on January 13th, and closed expiry date is March 31st;  you should pay entire month of January

in other words, if you enroll between any time between January 15-30th you pay $37 for half of January + 2 months ahead.  


More examples:

  1. You join on February 15th; since the closest expiry date is on March 31st, you will be charge according $74 for March and $37 for half of February (in total $111).

2. You enroll on November  1st, and since closest expiry date is on December 31st, charge would be according $74/ month for 2 months (total $148)

Fill contact form to join for less than 4 months.