Don’t miss any update Osher to apply on long term prediction of main indices such as S&P500, BTC, ETH, XRP & GOLD, OIL.

If you are interested in accessing Osher’s live charton demand” to asset you have previously ordered, Osher will provide “babysitting” service to your asset applying any future updates on a go when misalignments between first forecast and current market price occurred.

  • You will get link to Osher’s “” chart to view any change either how market is going according the forecast live.
  • A Link you receive will expire according to fixed dates (read more)
  • Live chart” add-on service is good for anyone whether or not members, purchased “Price prediction 6 months ahead” previously.

Accessing Osher’s “Live charts” will improve your performance either insights about the market as realizing live where the market now related to given forecast also to consider tolerance due to resistance and support areas including comments that Osher’s implement inside to inform subscribers.