Astro Calendar is way Osher illustrates both negative and positive influences on daily basis only (Astro-calendar alone isn’t helping to learn the main direction of the market / financial asset).

Astro-calendar is working like another technical indicator to help you detect the momentum of each move in the daily chart.

  • Astro Calendar is created 6 months ahead: January and July of each year.
  • Astro Calendar is actual calendar sheet that throughout colors between red to green come to illustrate how daily momentum goes.
  • Astro Calendar retrieved thanks to Osher interpretation of the astrological events, according to “inner planets”
  • Astro Calendar best to use as add-on service on top of “price projection” (see video below)
  • Astro Finance considers the “outer planets” aspects aka to realize the mid-long term dynamic.

Here’s example of Bitcoin Astro Calendar for August 2019 as introduced on July 25th for members: