Astrology is scientific tool that the ancients used for daily purposes. (unfortunately astrology have lost recognition 600 years ago by fault of catholic church that in order to gain monopoly on human belief system and money eliminated astrologers and told to rest that Jesus is one and only truth on earth)

Astrology the clock of universe.

As Today every person understands that the world is round and every 365 days the sun come back to same location relative to earth thus possible to calculate the seasons and agriculture purposes.

Astrology measures! considering planets location and aspects between them, both are enabling to astrologer to illustrate how energy in universe to change; either about “collective consciousness” evolution.  

Collective consciousness is market maker!

If more benefic then malefic aspects are happening; the collective consciousness that each individual represents un unique way, to be optimistic… and when there is more optimism in the collective consciousness there people feel more comfortable to BUY (stock market to rise) however as more malefic aspects are occurring between the outer-planets pessimism take part, less sales, decline of value (stock market is falling = bears taking power)

Osher’s astro-finance services are to enable forecasting upcoming collective consciousness shifts in advanced and finally to predict price and direction.

Osher’s astro-finance services are going even beyond to what in the collective consciousness and looking locally in each asset according to its own natal chart (for example S&P500 natal chart is the day that first created in 18th century called “composite index”)

Anything that born / start in each moment and location receives “natal chart” and possible through astrology to measure its own cycles moving forward!