Updated on August 2020

ALL  Osher’s services are NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!
and since “Astro-finance” method isn’t recognized by any legal finance or government authority, you are 100% responsible to your risk management.


Service provider “Osher astrology” aka “Astro Finance” method is managed (and developed) by Astrologer Osher Elias to provide financial and personal insights about the markets, geopolitics and personal growth.

Services that provided in this website (https://prediction2go.site) and on Patreon (note there are 2 parallel groups: https://patreon.com/astrofinance and https://patreon.com/astrofinance2) are offering various astrology services including memberships to access premium contents and charts.

About Osher:
Astrologer and spiritual teacher providing publicly and individually astrology reading sessions also inspirational videos, financial insights. Osher is freelancer that without permanent address and thanks to Patreon donators (members) and members in this website (https://prediction2go.site) can continue developing full time this method (astro-algorithm development) to improve predictions and services which are shared as premium contents with donators and members.


  • Memberships / Tiers (via Patreon and “prediction2go.site”)
  • Digital material (Charts, astrology readings, PDFs, live charts)
  • Financial predictions (videos, newsletters)
  • Individual & collective astrology readings

In order to be part of Astro-finance community; membership is required (30 days trial isn’t considered being part of community).

“Membership” via Patreon:

Patreon is external company that allows creators to get support for their work through hiring “patron” (sponsors also called members) that is based on monthly recurring pledge!

Patreon company is located in the California, USA and is the only responsible to your data and payment. (Creators receive once a month profits directly from Patreon – not from customers)

To enjoy from benefits of my contents you need to “become a patron” choosing contribution (TIER); the higher contribution (pledge) – the higher benefits you get. 

You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at anytime!


Patreon charges “Patrons” (aka; Members/ Contributes/ Donators) every 1st of a month.

Notice that even enrolling on 29th of month, you will be charge again 2 days after.
(Patreon idea is to support creators / monthly donation – not typical membership concept)


To cease supporting my astro-finance channel; Go to your Patreon account and “delete membership” (then to remove payment method – not before!)

Session: Sessions are done online (mostly via Skype) or sometimes offline to send video later to customer. Each session has different duration as described in product details.

MEMBERSHIP via Prediction2go.site

There are few changes compare to Patreon:

Membership refers to “6 months” or “1 year” (“30days trial” isn’t considered membership!)

  1. No recurring payment (one payment for 6 or 12 months)
  2. Membership duration is calculated according to date of purchasing (183 days or 365 days) note that in Patreon charges every 1st of each month (not 30 days calendar) until membership deleted.
  3. Accepting Cryptocurrency
  4. No refunds for memberships (If not sure about quality of service, before joining to “6 months” or “1 year” membership, try 30 days trial

Live charts:

Live charts based on membership of at least 4 months and enabling you to watch 24/7 how market goes along Astro-line projection.

* Any service /product in this website and other platforms that are related to Osher Astrology has an unique value.
* Prices aren’t negotiable.
* Until 20% OFF are applied automatically to members only! (expect live charts services)

Method payment:
Cryptocurrencies as BTC / LTC (Other digital coins could be accepted via requesting by email)

Payment providers:

  • Woo-commerce“ is platform (3rd party) that is specialized to connect payment merchants with customers:
    1) Payeer: Private company (not available to U.S residents) processing debit/ credit cards & cryptocurrencies
    3) BTCPAY: Decentralized server accept LTC and BTC

Private Legacy:
Client data that provided via filling user profile / payment procedure as email and address will be stored on privately on Osher’s database.

3rd part legacy:
External platform / script running on this website that may collect data:
Woo-commerce, youtube, Vimeo, Discord, Jet-pack, tradingview, marketing cookies (mail chimp).

Typical data that is collected are logging IP address, timing and email.

Official entity:
refers to police, lawyer, court, military, government

Residency: Legal country (tax payer) related to both client and service provider.


  1. “Live Session”  Live sessions are typically for reading sessions
  2. “Live charts” giving you access to tradingview server where I manage astro-finance predictions to watch live.
  3. Order must become “completed” (successful payment) before any service.
  4. Currencies: accepted USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, LINK, DGB, XMR
  5. Crypto- Currency server: BTCPAY and goURL.io
  6.  Memberships: This website is designed mainly to members to access weekly premium contents.
  7. Refund policy: No Refunds & Exchanges.

Any life change or damage that was triggered to you including divorcement, losing of job or asset due to any of Osher’s consulting, video, or charts; are 100% on your own responsibility!!

Claims: and despite of consenting to be responsible to any life change as losses, yet decided to claim by you or any 3rd party to sue a complaint; you consent that any judgmental process will occur in Tel Aviv, Israel as legit residency country.


3rd parties privacy:  
Osher keeps basic contact information in the database on this website (prediction2go) using secured applications, for example; Mail-chimp, jet-pack plugin.
Osher is committed to keep all clients information safe and private, however activities that are made via this website since 3rd party services evolved as in forum discussion, are out of this website control.

If any crime, judgemental, hacking situation have occurred and any official institution to force data check, in such a rare case we will pass any information we access, also to notify client about such issue.


Membership videos, charts and unique links to live charts are Private!
You consent NOT TO resell, do commercial use; replicate, sell, copy, print anything of Osher’s services.

Common questions:

Considering planets location enable me to illustrate how energy in universe to behave thus to affect “collective consciousness”.

Astrology is scientific tool that the ancients used for daily purposes. (unfortunately astrology have lost recognition 600 years ago by fault of catholic church that in order to gain monopoly on human belief system and money eliminated astrologers and told to rest that Jesus is one and only truth on earth)

Astrology the clock of universe.

Considering planets location enable me to illustrate how energy in universe to behave thus to affect “collective consciousness”.

Collective consciousness is market maker!

Osher’s astro-finance services are going beyond to what is reflected as “collective consciousness” looking locally in financial asset according its natal chart. (S&P500, BITCOIN ext..)

The more add-ons of Osher’s Astro-finance services you use, the more accurate the results you can get to consider right move in right timing. (for example: purchasing “Price projection” & “Astro-Calendar” and “subscription to Osher’s live charts” may increase accuracy either performance from 70% to above 85%).

Since you understand that Osher’s Astro-finance services aren’t financial advice yet an additional tool you can combine with your own technical analysis you are good.

Nothing in life is 100% . There is no machine or human that can predict human behavior / market 100%

And since Astro finance method keeps on development (thanks to Patreon community support) Don’t follow predictions “on blind”, on the same time I sure you will enjoy from superb insights when combining astro-finance forecasts with your own analysis.

Astro finance method isn’t fully astrology based but combined with more variable parameters including geometry and mysticism these are creating a “wind” and you know that any shift of the wind, can make hurricane to change alert, location and timing.

Osher’s method allowing you becoming aware to timing cycles and to adjust your trading positions accordingly.

Overall Osher’s predictions hold between 75%-95% accuracy!