Updated on April 2021

Osher’s services are for entertainment purposes!!  However all Osher’s services aren’t recognized by any legal authority / government institution. you are 100% responsible to any decision you make using Osher’s materials.  


Service provider by Osher provide insights to reflect collective consciousness and for personal growth.
Services that provided in this website (https://prediction2go.site) and on Patreon are offering various services including memberships to access premium contents and charts.


  • Digital services (analyses, readings, PDFs, live charts)
  • Memberships / Tiers (via Patreon and “prediction2go.site”)
  • Subscriptions 
  • On demand charts

“Membership” via Patreon:

Patreon is external company that allows creators to get support for their work through hiring “patron” (sponsors also called members) is based on monthly recurring pledge!

Patreon company is located US company and is the only responsible to your data and payment. (Creators aka Osher receives once a month profits directly from Patreon – not from customers)
To enjoy from benefits of my contents you need to “become a patron” choose contribution (TIER)

You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at anytime!

Patreon charges “Patrons”  every 1st of new month.

For example: if you enroll on 29th of month, you will be charge again 2 days later.
(Patreon concept is to support creators by monthly donations and not according to 30 days membership.


Patreon charges “Patrons” (aka; Members/ Contributes/ Donators) every 1st of a month.

For example: In Patreon – if you enroll on 29th of month, you will be charge again 2 days later.
(Patreon concept is to support creators by monthly donations and not according to 30 days membership.


To cease supporting my astro-finance channel; Go to your Patreon account and “delete membership” (then to remove payment method – not before!)

Session: Sessions are done online (mostly via Skype) or sometimes offline to send video later to customer. Each session has different duration as described in product details.

Live charts: 

Live charts is service based unique membership grant link to access Osher’s server and will expire at strict dates: April 30th, August 31st and December 31st.  Live chart is providing look months ahead – as “general line” to illustrate timing and momentum maximum 6 months ahead (depends timing you join).

Payment providers:

  • Woo-commerce“ is platform (3rd party) that is specialized to connect payment merchants with customers:
    1) Payeer: Private company (not available to U.S residents) processing debit/ credit cards & cryptocurrencies
    3) BTCPAY: Decentralized server accept LTC and BTC


Private Legacy:
Client data that provided via filling user profile / payment procedure as email and address will be stored on privately on our database.

3rd part legacy:
External platform / script running on this website that may collect data:
Woo-commerce, youtube, Vimeo, Discord, Jetpack, tradingview, marketing cookies (mail chimp).

Typical data that is collected are logging IP address, timing and email.


  • Order must become “completed” (successful payment) before any service.
  • Crypto- Currency server providers: BTCPAY goURL.io, WooCommerce.
  •  Memberships: Refer to weekly videos access plan.
  • Customer: Refer to any other service (not membership)
  • Refund policy: No Refunds & Exchanges.

You are 100% responsible to any life-change or damage that may trigger to you, including loses, divorcement, losing of job or asset due to any of Osher’s services including personal

Justice:  If case of crime, judgmental, hacking have occurred and any official institution to force data check, in such a rare case we will pass any information we access, also to notify client about such issue and despite of consenting to be responsible to any life change as losses, yet decided to claim by you or any 3rd party to sue a complaint; you consent that any judgmental process will occur in Tel Aviv, Israel as legit residency country. 


All contents you access are reserved to to members and customers. Individualuse only! It’s totally prohibited NOTto resell, commerce; replicate, sell, copy, print!