Solar Eclipse June 21st 2020; “END OF USD?”

Solar Eclipse June 21st 2020; “END OF USD?”

On June 21st 2020 (sun solstice), both Sun and Moon move to Cancer in 0 deg. (tropical astrology)

From Sidereal astrology; Solar eclipse to occur in sign of Gemini!

Important to know that every year, on June 21st, Sun passes this location; above Betelgeuse star – indicates success and achievement, recognition; that’s also why Sun solstice day so important.

Last solar eclipse on this location occurred on Summer 2001 and 2.5 months after on September 11th …the world seemed totally different (Covid / world lock down is a set up to what come next)

To understand even more the consequences of upcoming solar eclipse June 21st 2020; it’s important to look on rest planets.

This time 2020; Venus (in Taurus) stationing to move direct near Aldebaran star; and in 2001 Saturn was located there, implies about “economy reset” sort of events also governments shift / new country to take power.. China?

In 2001 solar eclipse; Mercury and Jupiter were together near the Sun (eclipse location) – Another indicator about new world order and travel issues (airlines).

On the other side of sky:
In 2001 Mars passed on Ophiuchus constellation (part of Scorpio sign and near Antares “eye of Scorpio” was related to wars and destruction/ attack on biggest powerful entity of the world (NYC).

In December 14th 2020: (next solar eclipse) will happen exactly where Mars was in 2001 (on Ophiuchus “right leg” considered to be 13th sign of transformation) also mercury will be positioned there what implies about major end of 2001 activation probably the


Meantime, upcoming months (until December 2020) since 7 planets are going to be in retrograde we are all called to prepare, to transcend, change, our habits, behaviors, savings before too late.

In 2001 Argentina economy collapse (CORRALITO):
“Corralito was the informal name for the economic measures taken in Argentina at the end of 2001 by Minister of Economy Domingo Cavallo in order to stop a bank run, and which were fully in force for one year. The corralito almost completely froze bank accounts and forbade withdrawals from U.S. dollar-denominated accounts.”

Get prepared to World “Corralito effect” toward / end 2020 – beginning 2021

I wish all of us wisdom and knowledge to move forward seeing upcoming changes and signs as enlightening guidance to move us to our next evolution phase as healthy loving human being on earth.


More explanations about next Total solar eclipse that will occur on December 14th 2020

Next TOTAL solar eclipse will occur on December 14th on Ophiuchus constellation (together with Mercury) same time that Jupiter and Saturn to meet for first time in Aquarius after hundreds of years.
Closing 2001 cycle activation!
This December 2020 eclipse will cover Argentina and Chile!
In 2001 Argentina suffered from Corralito effect that led economy collapse.