S&P500 LIVE CHART | View 24/7

$296.00  /  0.02384 Ƀ

Live chart membership grants you access 24/7 to view recent updates and to enjoy from supreme market insights.




“6 months ahead prediction” are published twice a year; January 1st & July 1st;

**Memberships that start on May 1st will enjoy from additional 6 months ahead prediction on July 1st before link expires.



* Witness how market follows astro- forecast line.

* Access chart instantly to see any update (price & timing)


– – Strict dates; (scroll down to learn more) – –


Get direct link to Astro “live chart” following market day by day along with Astro line projection.

Once order placed correctly, I’ll send you access via email.

@ Links to live charts are valid for 4 month maximum and will expire exactly on following dates:

  • December 31st

  • April 30th

  • August 31st

ASTRO LIVE CHART from Osher Astrologer on Vimeo.

For example:

Bob is interested to enroll on July 30th, and since S&P500 Live chart will expire on August 31st, instead of paying full amount for 1 month, it’s possible to pay value of 5 months (296+74) and by end of August Bob will get new link that will expire on December 31st.

Minimum value to join this service is 4 months ($296)!

Another example:

Elena is interested to join on February 1st, and since current live chart ends on April 30th, Elena should decide if to pay full amount for 3 months, or to pay in advance for next 4 months (until August 30th) + paying for proportionate time of current period (74*3 + 296)

Limited until 60 seats (each link)!!!

Check availability:

*** If you don’t sure about the quality of Astro-finance service;  Try 30 days membership!

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