“ON DEMAND” Prediction 6 Months ahead

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Full prediction 6 months ahead “On demand” 

Choose any financial asset to unveil future price and for trading purposes 6 months ahead.

Any index, stock, cryptocurrency!

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Get prepared to earn more.

“Don’t sit on empty eggs” 



How it works?

It takes lots of hours to create new prediction on demand, thus price to be relatively higher to rest predictions that are offered in website.



Any asset demands deep research in order to find exact “date of birth” to indicate when “company”/ “fund” / “index” was established (for trading purposes, also first day that traded in stock market matter).


Value structure:

  • Research: Time to create: averagely takes 1 hourUSD 60 ) – You can deduct from cost by doing research yourself!
  • Drawing price and timing 6 months ahead: General projection (peak to peak); takes around 6.5 hours and very high concentration ( USD 300 )

Recommended Add-Ons to this service: 

* Astro-Calendar Provide you daily insight according your own natal chart 6 months ahead

* Live Chart  I will do “Babysitting” to your On-Demand prediction, sharing with you link to view Live how market is growing on projection line either to notice any update that may be needed during membership period.


Astrology enables me to draw reflection of “outer planets” cycle that works as “general line” to illustrate main momentum (not daily) peak to peak.


Request a “prediction On Demand”; Fill the form

Common questions:

Astro Calendar retrieved thanks to Osher interpretation of the astrological events, according to “inner planets

Astro Calendar is way Osher illustrates both negative and positive influences on daily basis only (Astro-calendar alone isn’t helping to learn the main direction of the market / financial asset).

Astro-calendar is working like another technical indicator to help you detect the momentum of each move in the daily chart.

  • Astro Calendar is created 6 months ahead: January and July of each year.
  • Astro Calendar is actual calendar sheet that throughout colors between red to green come to illustrate how daily momentum goes.
  • Astro Calendar retrieved thanks to Osher interpretation of the astrological events, according to “inner planets”
  • Astro Calendar best to use as add-on service on top of “price projection” (see video below)
  • Astro Finance considers the “outer planets” aspects aka to realize the mid-long term dynamic.

Here’s example of Bitcoin Astro Calendar for August 2019 as introduced on July 25th for members:

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