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How it works?

It takes between hours to days to create 6 months ahead prediction, the process includes investigation, technical analysis and marking, astrology reading and forecast application.


Any prediction requires a deep research to find most relevant “date of birth” (or first day of trade / indexed) I measure both dates basing on past behavior.

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    Indeed Osher´s analysis mainly basing on astrology and mainly to capture Direction & Timing indicator then considering Technical analysis not the common way most traders today are teaching /using around the world.

    Osher’s forecasts are based on mathematical calculations, astro- algorithms developments and technical analysis.

    Important to notice that technical analysis part that Osher uses are mainly based on universal rules for example Gann fans, Bollinger belts and Fibonacci rules.

    Astrology wise, Osher gains his insight through observation on both tropical and astronomical (sidereal) charts.

    Considering planets location enable me to illustrate how energy in universe to behave thus to affect “collective consciousness”.

    Astrology is scientific tool that the ancients used for daily purposes. (unfortunately astrology have lost recognition 600 years ago by fault of catholic church that in order to gain monopoly on human belief system and money eliminated astrologers and told to rest that Jesus is one and only truth on earth)

    Astrology the clock of universe.

    Considering planets location enable me to illustrate how energy in universe to behave thus to affect “collective consciousness”.

    Collective consciousness is market maker!

    Osher’s astro-finance services are going beyond to what is reflected as “collective consciousness” looking locally in financial asset according its natal chart. (S&P500, BITCOIN ext..)

    Osher community started building up in early 2018 through YouTube, from August 2018 Osher started his Patreon channel (crowd fund) to dedicate premium contents to members that are committed to Osher’s Astro-finance development and in order to support Osher as creator;

    Osher’s community is growing and you can take part in it.

    Astro Finance community started in 2018 since opened patreon (1st group) to get support for Astro-finance method development.
    (Patreon is independent company that helps creators to hire support by providing exclusive materials to supporters)

    In Patreon members pledge monthly amount and in return receive weekly videos as exclusive prediction 1 month ahead to crypto / oil and gold.

    Since method starting get stabilized and more people started being interested in order to secure community also to protect group and resources from future external threats / censoring ext I opened a parallel Patreon group (limited amount of seats), also to allow people from India and China or Africa that usually are restricted using Patreon, to enjoy my contents with crypto payment solution.

    All membership groups accessing same weekly videos (1 months ahead to crypto & commodities according to tier one takes).

    All members to weekly contents via patreon and predictions2go are CONNECTED in 1 PLACE via DISCORD.

    Via Discord app I’m sharing updates for recent crypto and commodities forecasts, sharing important information feeling very together. (Discord isn’t noisy chat, but a team hub – limited seats)

    Members enjoy from exclusive weekly videos:

    1. Monday: “World weekly astrology” to reflect the collective consciousness and general markets through the planets.
    2. Tuesday: “Commodities OIL & GOLD” 1 month ahead.
    3. Thursday: “Crypto weekly update to main 3 biggest coins” 1 month ahead.

    All members of weekly videos updates get 20% to all astro-finance services (excluding “live chart” services)

    If you are interested in accessing Osher’s live chart “on demand” to asset you have previously ordered, Osher will provide “babysitting” service to your asset applying any future updates on a go when misalignments between first forecast and current market price occurred.

    Live chart grants 24/7 access to view astro chart and recent updates also from enjoying superb market insight as watching market behavior on top of astro line projection.

    UNTIL: JUNE 30th or DECEMBER 31st

    **Memberships that start on May 1st will enjoy from additional 6 months ahead prediction on July 1st before link expires.

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    Every link is generated for 4 months.

    * Strict expiration dates! (see below)

    • December 31st
    • April 30st
    • August 31st

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    Osher’s astro-finance forecasts are to introduce different approach to upcoming movement in the market providing extra indicator; each member / client / subscriber should take responsibility on his trading position!

    Osher’s Astro ISN’T replacing to financial advice!!!

    Osher’s forecasts should consider for entertainment purposes introducing visual materials to help both traders and investors getting superb (astrology) insights for stock market, commodities and crypto.

    Astro-finance forecasts bring unique approach to look at the market predicting upcoming moves until 6 months ahead.

    Every member / clients / subscriber is 100% responsible to his trade!

    Read terms!

    The more add-ons of Osher’s Astro-finance services you use, the more accurate the results you can get to consider right move in right timing. (for example: purchasing “Price projection” & “Astro-Calendar” and “subscription to Osher’s live charts” may increase accuracy either performance from 70% to above 85%).

    Since you understand that Osher’s Astro-finance services aren’t financial advice yet an additional tool you can combine with your own technical analysis you are good.

    Nothing in life is 100% . There is no machine or human that can predict human behavior / market 100%

    And since Astro finance method keeps on development (thanks to Patreon community support) Don’t follow predictions “on blind”, on the same time I sure you will enjoy from superb insights when combining astro-finance forecasts with your own analysis.

    Astro finance method isn’t fully astrology based but combined with more variable parameters including geometry and mysticism these are creating a “wind” and you know that any shift of the wind, can make hurricane to change alert, location and timing.

    Osher’s method allowing you becoming aware to timing cycles and to adjust your trading positions accordingly.

    Overall Osher’s predictions hold between 75%-95% accuracy!

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    As for 2020 Osher’s method keeps being under “developing mode” and isn’t ready to teach.

    Osher have started developing Astro-finance method since late 2015 and after 2 years via youtube channel begun to share astrology insights to stock market, commodities and crypto.

    • Osher’s Astro-Finance method is EXCLUSIVE- no book or astrologer in the world that can teach you it.
    • Astro-Finance method ISN’T 100% astrology based. It mixed with geometry, mysticism – symbolism, sidereal & tropical astrology observations.

    Since Astro-finance launched on 2017 (first version) and thanks to Patreon members, Astro-finance method has improved significantly by precision, presentations and simplicity to follow.

    “Astro finance” method still under “development mode”; The plan is to offer online school in 5 levels (until mastery), and first levels to be published during 2021

    However to enjoy from Osher work deeply either witnessing such parabolic improvement, consider to enroll to Osher’s community via Patreon (monthly membership) or via https://prediction.site (annual membership).