GOLD “Astro-Calendar” (Daily forecast) 6 months ahead!


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“GOLD Astro- Calendar” to provide you superb daily insight indicator realizing day by day how bearish and bullish influences to fluctuate.

Best to consider on top of your technical analysis.

“GOLD astro- Calendar” will indicate for you daily summery of how energy ruled by inner- planets aspects to influence on the trade go up or down.

Osher prepares each long term calendar prediction twice a year as following:

  • January – June

  • July – December




If you are purchasing “GOLD astro- Calendar” on March you will get the “GOLD astro- Calendar” 6 months ahead prediction until June(full price); However, In case you mean to order “GOLD astro- Calendar” in June you will get in this a prediction until JUNE only; meaning,to enjoy full6 months prediction consider to purchase “GOLD astro- Calendar” in July or January.


Working with “Calendar” alone has more than 70% accuracy, yet calendar alone isn’t indicating what mid-long term is; in order to get more complete insight, it is most recommended to purchase also price projection 6 months ahead or to subscribe to “view my live gold chart”, that way you could view real expected movement taking maximum advantage from calendar help alone.