Full prediction 6 months ahead

(including Astro-Calendar to indicate daily moves)

All in ONE   – Premium on demand service!



You can reduce cost if you do research yourself!

  • Research: Time to create: averagely around 1 hourUSD 60 )
  • General 6 months Price: projection: Time to create: averagely around 7 hours ( USD 170 )
  • Astro-Calendar: Marking inside a calendar 6 months ahead how bullish or bearish are fluctuating by red and green cubes: USD 130 (Time to create: averagely around 4.5 hours)

Keep you out from stress, saving you time from sitting on “empty eggs”!

How it works?

It takes lots of hours to create new prediction on demand, thus price to be relatively higher to rest predictions that are offered in website.

Complete forecast & Analysis (including research)

Terms & process:

In order to find natal chart of asset you are interested, I will need to perform a research in order to find “date of birth” / exact date to indicate when “company”/ “fund” / “index” was established (for trading purposes, also first day that traded in stock market matter).  Averagely, research alone takes between 30 mins – 90 mins and you can do it yourself to reduce costs as I’ll described later below.

I work with “tradingview platform” and after doing deep technical analysis combined with astrology reading, I’ll draw inside the platform price projection 6 months ahead (The line projection will indicate general direction and timing – peak to peak and will ignore the daily fluctuation in price).

“Astro- calendar” will provide you more details on daily resolution coloring each day in “red” / “green” to indicate how bearish and bullish influences.

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