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Get visual insight to unveil future price detecting months ahead when sharp moves to occur.

Once order done I’ll send you last updated chart projection by PDF document via email.


“6 months ahead prediction” I generate twice a year only

  • January (until June 30th)

  • July (until December 31st)


Example:  If you order GOLD prediction 6 months ahead, on March – a chart price projection that I’ll send you will unveil price until End of June, but If you order in January, you will enjoy from full 6 months ahead prediction until end of June.

What to expect?

6 months ahead prediction is based on “outer planets” thus is general line to indicate “peak to peak” optional price and timing, yet aren’t considering possible daily price fluctuation that are measured by inner planets which I include on patreon weekly forecasts (the daily “inner planets” aspects are aggregated to wider formula that I need to remeasure often to nail price more).

Because I’m preparing 6 months ahead basing on both technical and astrological aspects; there are chances that future updates to be required.


What NOT to expect?

In this service of 6 months ahead projection  I don’t provide free updates;  only free for first month;   Usually to nail best the future price once a week (similar to what I provide in patron)

It’s important not base 100% on this draw and to support with other services / indicators;   Bare in mind that 1% misalignment in first month could lead to until 20% in last month forecast.



You can decide later if to purchase most recent update for $50 or to easier enroll patreon in order to access weekly updates that always cover until 1 month ahead.


No Free updates/ support for “6 months ahead price projection” because it may be almost impossible to manage so many emails asking questions as why? how? when? market goes here or there, for exactly this I provide weekly updates via Patreon. Having saying it, in case critical update in first month I send for free of charge).

Take in mind, the more accurate and stable my prediction become both us enjoying peace of mind (I do my best to never need to create updates)


  • $147 even if 2 months left to current prediction period. 


  • Don’t worry; you always will receive most UP TO DATE version (not first version that is produced in first place on January and July)

  • Free update (if needed) 1 month from purchasing

  • Update cost (after 1st month) $50  (or to enroll patreon to weekly updates seeing until 1 month ahead)


This service is excluding other add-ons services:

* Astro-calendar
*  View Live charts


You can “add to cart” the add-ons you find important to take further.

Astro Calendar retrieved thanks to Osher interpretation of the astrological events, according to “inner planets

Astro Calendar is way Osher illustrates both negative and positive influences on daily basis only (Astro-calendar alone isn’t helping to learn the main direction of the market / financial asset).

Astro-calendar is working like another technical indicator to help you detect the momentum of each move in the daily chart.

  • Astro Calendar is created 6 months ahead: January and July of each year.
  • Astro Calendar is actual calendar sheet that throughout colors between red to green come to illustrate how daily momentum goes.
  • Astro Calendar retrieved thanks to Osher interpretation of the astrological events, according to “inner planets”
  • Astro Calendar best to use as add-on service on top of “price projection” (see video below)
  • Astro Finance considers the “outer planets” aspects aka to realize the mid-long term dynamic.

Here’s example of Bitcoin Astro Calendar for August 2019 as introduced on July 25th for members:

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