Osher – Astrologer specialist to finance and holistic consulting (coach) guiding companies and individuals in success and emotional release to gain success and straight forward attitude.

Since the main reason to any lose in trade is emotional my astrology and guiding services are providing above the mind awareness to handle any confusion or blurry situation.

Osher developer of Astro- Finance method:


After 2 years of analysis, deep investigation “Astro-Finance” was launched for first time to the world in October 2017 via youtube and never stopped improving itself providing more exact and clear picture looking forward.


Thanks to my patreon community (crowd fund channel) started in June 2018 my method has improved significantly thanks to allow me investing days and night into new indices specifically of cryptocurrency, and now also to commodities (oil & gold).

I passionate with economy but much more with astrology!

The merge between them is what filling my life completely which finally affecting on hundreds of my members and clients and thousands of my followers through youtube and social media.

I invite you to enjoy from my gifts in astrology, mentoring and economy to bring more wealth and success to your life.