Critical Week | World Astrology October 28th- November 3rd

This week is critical! 

New moon in Scorpio ♏ will be happening on October 28th 4am UTC+2

This new moon will oppose Uranus to indicate explosive 💣 either unexpected events that hopefully in the end to take us to better world. Whatever will happen understand this is an operation period and bad power/influences should go away.

November 3rd, mars ♂ will square Pluto and moon in Capricorn , on the same time, Venus ♀ moves (finally to ♐ yet trine by chiron, meaning damaged and traumatized. 

Meaning, big event is about to occur, it may decrease values either by terror /nature disaster or by Brexit consequences…who knows.. Specifically that Uranus opposing this new moon.. Stay open and very much brave to face your deepest fears.