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Get access to the heart of Astro - Finance method and gain premium insight about the market and before any TA analysis or indicator.

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As for 2020 Osher’s method keeps being under “developing mode” and isn’t ready to teach.

Osher have started developing Astro-finance method since late 2015 and after 2 years via youtube channel begun to share astrology insights to stock market, commodities and crypto.

  • Osher’s Astro-Finance method is EXCLUSIVE- no book or astrologer in the world that can teach you it.
  • Astro-Finance method ISN’T 100% astrology based. It mixed with geometry, mysticism – symbolism, sidereal & tropical astrology observations.

Since Astro-finance launched on 2017 (first version) and thanks to Patreon members, Astro-finance method has improved significantly by precision, presentations and simplicity to follow.

“Astro finance” method still under “development mode”; The plan is to offer online school in 5 levels (until mastery), and first levels to be published during 2021

However to enjoy from Osher work deeply either witnessing such parabolic improvement, consider to enroll to Osher’s community via Patreon (monthly membership) or via https://prediction.site (annual membership).

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